Sugar-Free January 2022

The 12th Annual January Sugar Detox!

Let’s Make Sugar-Free January(or longer) a Yearly Event for You and Your Family.

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Please check out this short story of exactly how we can help you today. 

My Mom had a sugar driven, deadly sweet tooth her entire life.​

Her mother, my grandmother, died when my mom was just eight years old

With no maternal figure, my grandfather moved in with his sister to help raise my mom.

Great Aunt Nellie was not the warmest of people.

My mom missed her mom.

Grandpa had to work all the time – so he devised a little “joy” each day for mom.

His cousin Jim owned the country store across the four corners from Aunt Nellie’s huge house. (It was actually one of the last old rural hospitals and Ole’ Aunt Nellie was the owner and nurse)

So Grampa told Cousin Jim that anytime my mom came across the road and wanted some candy that it was OK to just give it to her and put it on his account.

Now this made strict Aunt Nellie furious…

You see Nellie was the matriarch of the family and never drank, smoked, married and according to her “didn’t have much of a sweet tooth.” (BTW she was the oldest and outlived eight younger brothers and sisters and passed at 93 years old)

…so this “little free candy arrangement” had to be “their little secret.”

While it was a wonderful and loving gesture for a dad to give his eight-year-old daughter that had just lost her mom…

It was a different time, the science was not in about the corrosive dangers of sugar… (1)

…But it started a vicious lifelong cycle that my mom was just never able to break.

Sad to say but the love of sugar and all the negative results of too much sugar – were passed on to me.

Mom always had a “stash” and of course, …we knew where it was.

She genuinely thought, felt deep in her soul, that sugar was love.

Baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies was how we bonded every Saturday.

We were eating cookie dough before cookie dough was cool (or sold in stores)…

We couldn’t afford soda so we made Kool-Aid ™ with twice(or three times) the sugar the recipe called for,

and we even ate bread and butter and sugar sandwiches…

I think most of us grew up in a similar way.

How about you? Can you think of your “sugar story” as a kid or teen?

No one thought the innocent appearing sweet stuff could possibly be responsible for SO many illnesses and maladies that science is discovering every day now. (2)

This was long before all the new information and peer-reviewed university studies came out and most people thought this way. (3)

So why am I sharing this story with you?

I’m telling you because I lost my mom to the diseases of metabolic syndrome caused by too much sugar.

It was something she struggled with her whole life.

Here is a partial list of the things she suffered with


Massive Weight Gain




Severe disfiguring arthritis (she called her own hands “Monster hands”)


Gall bladder & uterus removal (cancer in the uterus)


Tooth decay (as in 100% dentures in her 50’s)




And Alzheimer's - which is now being called diabetes 3! (4) (5) (6)

While my mother never could beat the sugar in her lifetime.

And Oh my goodness did she try – over and over again…

To the point that I would catch her crying and ask “what’s wrong mom?”

And she would respond: “It’s just that I have tried over and over again to quit sugar, and I know it’s killing me, but I just can’t stop!


By a stroke of luck and some unplanned, accidental meetings, I was able to finally stop the progress of my inherited sweet tooth and then show tens of thousands of people how to do the same. 

…But not before I took a nasty side trip down a rabbit hole of drug and alcohol abuse …and addiction
…and made it back safely.

Was it related to the sugar?

Could it possibly be?

I’ll let you decide. (You, your gut, and all the science in these little citations (X) you see all the way through the story)

I’ll also show you the insanity of every “sugar detox” and diet fad out there…

Your false starts are finally over.​

Join a cause, a group, a family that believes as you do…
A group that believes that…

…the less sugar you eat, the better you’ll feel, the less you’ll weigh and the healthier you’ll be..

A group who, for 30 straight days, will commit to helping YOU, working side by side with you and root for as you finally begin to understand WHY this little white powder has haunted you for so long.

And THEN hold your hand for up to ONE YEAR while you make this your new lifestyle!

You’ll get the support you need PLUS 30+ years experience in helping tens of thousands of others get and STAY sugar-free.

But This 30 Day Challenge is NOT for Everybody.

It IS for you if.

You feel you’ve tried every “diet” known to man before and failed…
If you’ve isolated sugar as your stumbling block in weight loss and health but feel “there must be something you’re missing.”
You’ve tried to detox from sugar and processed carbs before and had some minor successes…
You’ve tried intense diets like the Keto diet and were stopped cold by “The Keto Flu” (maybe several times)
No matter how hard you try, you’re never able to develop it into a long-term lifestyle success.

A Promise To You.

You’re finally going to learn a proven (by thousands), step-by-step, day-by-day way to quit sugar and processed carbs while still retaining your sanity, your family, your friends, and your career…

And while losing weight, crushing cravings and mastering those dreaded nights and weekends when your emotions are out of control.

But Warning…once you start you will…

Never, ever look at sugar, as it relates to your health and well being, again in the same way.
STAY off or control sugar and carbs once you do your FINAL detox (the RIGHT Way) - so you’ll NEVER have to do it again and again...and again!

Can you relate?

Have you ever been frustrated by your inability to keep your promise to yourself - like you’re wrestling with your own mind and the endless back and forth about quitting, reducing or detoxing from sugar?
Do you wake up in the morning and tell yourself that today is the day you’ll quit sugar - only to find yourself back in the sugar later in the day?
Have you tried other sugar detoxes or diets - only to have a few days of success followed by a binge?
Has your weight just crept up on you? ...Year after year - even just a few pounds a year?
Have the intense cravings and hunger derailed you time and time again?
How about the crazy, awkward social and family situations - have they been a problem when you announce that you’re changing your diet?
Do you get strangely emotional when you quit sugar for a few days? Or even think about it?
Do you find yourself hiding your sweet treats so they are there when you need/want them?
Has your skin lost that youthful glow? Dry skin? Adult acne?
What about your “digestion”? ...Gas? Bloating?

Here’s the REAL problem

The information and support you need to know how to pause for 10-days or 21 or even 30-days

…is NOT the same information you need to make this sugar-free lifestyle change and to STAY STOPPED!

What has been unknowingly left out is your EXACT path to long-term lifestyle changes…
That’s why, when most people “quit the white stuff” during the standard “detoxes” they lose a little weight but the can never seem to maintain it long term. (See the study about gaining the weight back)

And honestly, this is where most people fail. (after the sugar detox or after the “Keto flu”)

You’ll learn the secrets no diet book (even a keto book) or popular sugar detox will ever teach you about weight loss and sugar detox.

You’ll also learn about “Sugar’s Revenge” – why the average 7, 10, 21 or 30-day detoxes or starting a diet like keto seem to make your cravings for sugar even worse, and after the keto flu your cravings are amped up too – and how to fix all that.


Let me properly introduce myself:

Hi, my name is Michael (Mike), Collins.

By now you're probably asking ...

“Who the heck is this guy and how can I make these claims?”

I’m not a former athlete who never had a weight or sugar problem.
I don’t run a gym and expect you to exercise like you’re at Marine Boot Camp to lose weight.
And… I don’t run a sugar detox on the side to get customers for another diet-related business.

All I do is help people with sugar.

I’m a recovered sugar addict!

I’m the Founder of which has been helping people quit sugar for over a decade now.

I’m also Chairman of the Board of The Food Addiction Institute – an IRS certified 501c Nonprofit Research Institute and Advocacy Group, created in 2005, that helps raise awareness about processed food and sugar worldwide, while also training health practitioners to do the same.
Our board is filled with MD’s and Ph.D.’s whose only goal is to help more folks understand and change their behaviors around processed food and sugar.

I’ve interviewed over 200 of the premiere researchers, scientists, doctors in the field of sugar health and wellness and run a huge summit yearly where they all meet and speak on the newest research. (more on that below as you get to see all these interviews!)

My wife and I raised two children sugar-free from the womb to six years old – after which time they only had sugar about once a month for their entire childhood.

The experiment was a success BTW…

– Over the years I’ve helped tens of thousands of people quit or drastically cut back on sugar, lose weight and begin to trust themselves again.

I’ve been working with people who want to change their lives for over 30 years, helping them to regain their lives ravaged by all types of substances.

To say this is my passion, my life’s work – might be a touch of an understatement. 

Over the last thirty years, through trial and error and 1,000’s of success stories

my team and I have evolved a step by step system that works with EVERYONE who follows it.

If you suspect that eliminating or cutting way back on sugar might change your life then you and I are similar.

I’m no superman with tons of willpower – far from it, believe me.
I’ve been exactly where you may find yourself right now – maybe much worse!

Over the decades, we’ve worked with so many people that we’ve have developed a solid step by step program of success by watching what works the quickest and creates lasting change for a lifetime.

The foundation of your success is just to simply change the way you look at sugar in your life, your body and in society in general…

… while guiding you to your own answers and supporting you in making healthier choices with food.

Here’s just a very small sampling of just a few of some new ways to look at sugar detoxes:


All the popular Sugar Detoxes of 30 days (and even 60 or 90 days) – or less — are a proven, blatant set up for Yo-Yo dieting in disguise.

”Muscling” through sugar detox or the keto flu without the proper information is a set up too

Most detoxes focus on just two things: The food and a certain time frame like 10 days or 21 days.

All the books and emails have pretty pictures of food you used to make with sugar, with attempts to make them sugar-free…

Those attempts just “trigger” you to further desire sugar! (this is a peer-reviewed, proven fact)

Anybody can “white knuckle,” bite their tongue, go a few weeks, lose a few pounds,

…and temporarily feel better about themselves.

…And Most of us HAVE.

Your goal is not detoxing and stopping for a few days or weeks –

Your goal is

lifetime control and change.

Of course, a good detox or diet change will give an overview of what you can and can not eat.
The trouble is that current detoxes and diets ONLY give you this overview and then make a big deal of the recipes (which they use to fill up their books so they can sell them to you).

We’ve had so many people come to us from all manner of detoxes and diets. Everyone one of them with highly varying degrees of TEMPORARY success.

Because let’s face it, if you get the sugar out – even for a short time – you feel better and lose a little weight.

The problem comes in AFTER the detox.

Really it starts during the initial detox with lack of proper training and information but after the “white knuckle/grit your teeth and bear it” type detoxes out there – almost everyone returns to the sugar.

Some of the “citations” of peer-reviewed studies are noted in this letter in the little numbers after each time I mention them (X) …but for this one, I wanted to put it right here.

This is a VERY well known phenomenon that most of us know about but this is the study proves it.

“Over 90% of all people who lose a significant amount of weight – gain it ALL it back and MORE within the FIRST year…”

Probability of an Obese Person Attaining Normal Body Weight: Cohort Study Using Electronic Health Records

Alison Fildes, Ph.D., Judith Charlton, MSc, Caroline Rudisill, Ph.D., Peter Littlejohns, MD, A. Toby Prevost, Ph.D., and Martin C. Gulliford, FFPH, MA

The solution to this proven phenomenon is simple:

You have to not feel deprived – but even more alive with your new food and behavior choices – long term.

You HAVE to change the “I feel restricted” feeling and change your mindset around your new foods and behaviors.

Now here’s something that almost no one has heard before:

Most folks who attempt to quit sugar or lose weight are not eating ENOUGH food – not by a long shot!

You have been so used to “restricting foods” to lose weight that when you see what we recommend you do eat – you’ll feel you’ll get worse… It seems like WAY too much food!

But remember in the past you were eating seriously low nutrient density food(like) products… NOT real food. Thus when you start the other detoxes… actual, good for you, whole foods seem like too much! 

With all the diet and weight loss information online today…

Sugar Detoxes and Keto are the “IN” things right now…

There are articles, books and entire websites and books about them everywhere.

Lots of misinformation has now bled into the sugar information world as a “detox” – meaning that the solution to your weight and other health problems is to detox from sugar for a set number of days!

It’s enough to confuse anyone!

A quick bonus example about cravings and hunger:
The growling stomach and intense cravings disappear!

Most people still believe that the “hunger pangs” or “growling stomach” feeling of hunger actually means that you’re hungry – right? …WRONG

Once you remove sugar from your life the growling stomach actually disappears! 

Sure you feel like your hungry but that “ravenous – you have to eat NOW” feeling is completely gone!


The Cravings Interruption Technique™

To successfully detox from sugar you must understand what changes will happen to your mind and emotions in the process.

Let me repeat that:

To successfully detox from sugar you must understand what changes will happen to your mind and emotions in the process.

Many of you have experienced this… You start to reduce or eliminate sugar and/or processed carbs and it seems like someone died…

In reality, someone did! ….Or at least you are not only experiencing physical withdrawal symptoms but you are also grieving the loss of a close friend – and for some a lover, of many, many years.

Over the years we’ve seen very predictable patterns emerge.

When you’re in the throes of withdrawals it’s difficult to separate out what’s actually physical sugar withdrawals and what is your actual mental state…(or what you THINK & FEEL at the time is your mental state)

That’s why you need a guide, someone who has traveled the path before you AND, …fellow travelers who understand where you are…

And simple ways to navigate the upset…

…with very minimal interruption to your everyday life.

Sugar was always there for you, he didn’t talk back… and he comforted you when mere mortals could not…

Sugar has been tied to so many negative outcomes. We’ve all heard them over and over again in the news media, on social media and elsewhere. 

…Heck, I’m sure it’s one of the reasons you’re here!


Here are just a few of the diseases, proven by the little (numbered) citations next to them of peer-reviewed studies …caused by sugar*.

*The actual studies are listed at the bottom of the page.

Sugar can cause tooth decay (mom always told us this) (8)

High intake of sugar increases the risk of Crohn’s disease & ulcerative colitis (9)

Sugar raises the level of neurotransmitters: dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine (10)

Sugar can cause a rapid rise of adrenaline levels in children (11)

Sugar can cause arthritis (12)

Sugar can cause hemorrhoids (13)

Sugar can worsen the symptoms of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) (14)

Sugar can lead to periodontal disease (15)

Sugar can adversely affect school children’s grades & cause learning disorders (16)

Sugar can contribute to diabetes (17) (18)

Sugar contributes to obesity (19) (20) 

Sugar is enemy number 1 of the bowel movement (21)

High refined sugar diet reduces learning capacity (22)

Sugar can increase the amount of liver fat and cause Fatty Liver (23)

Sugar can cause drowsiness and decreased activity in children (24)

Sugar feeds cancer (25) (26) (27) ++

Sugar can cause headaches, including migraines

Sugar can contribute to Alzheimer’s disease – (28)

Sugar causes constipation.

Sugar can cause metabolic syndrome. (29) 

Sugar can exacerbate PMS (30) 

The higher the sugar consumption the more chances of getting irritable bowel syndrome.

Sugar affects the brain’s central reward systems. (31)

Sugar may contribute to mild memory loss. (32) 

In schools, when children were put on a low sugar diet, there was a drop in antisocial behavior (39)

Did you see a pattern here?

(hint: The diseases in blue effect the mind…)

Many of the sugar detoxes and popular diets out there are focused on the food and the body, usually the weight.

While these are important… that’s not what is keeping you from quitting!

The problem is in our brain’s reward system and, it’s in our emotions!

You must understand what changes will happen to your mind and emotions in this process. (33, 34, 35)

Case Study #1

JS (Everything we do is private and just between us – you can always feel safe)

JS is the mom of a 7-year-old who had tried for YEARS to get off sugar and had failed over and over. 

She grew up in an environment many of would call “heaven.” Until it wasn’t! Her mother actually owns a BAKERY! (true story) Sugar was part of her life for so many years… like second nature.

At first, she struggled. She was building a house, had her daughter (she was homeschooling her) and her husband had his job and the new house. And when I say “building” I mean they were the contractors! She thought there was no time to “be in withdrawals.” 

But just one little trick turned the tide. Over the years we’ve seen this pattern again and again. It’s now become a bedrock of our protocol. Hint: It has to do what you’re drinking and not drinking and how much! 

Today JS is sugar-free for over a year and one of my coaches.

Case Study #2

MA is a 50ish male who had already lost over 100 pounds on a near-zero carb diet following one of the newer diets out there. He was committed! The problem was he had plateaued and just could not put down the sugar – long term – it kept drawing him back.

It took a few sessions but we finally got there… He’s over six months off sugar today: here’s his AHA! Moment (he’s our resident artist now!) 

Case Study #2

Karen from Erie, PA

Karen was/is one of THE most knowledgeable people around when it comes to wellness and diet. At the time she was teaching me stuff. But she could not put down the sugar. Here’s Karen today… a decade later. 


“Becoming sugar-free was… a lifestyle change for me. Initially, there were ups and downs, a relapse or two and some scary crazy detox symptoms. I’m happy to say that I have now reaped the benefits of giving up sugar for over 10 years. 
“I lost weight, my skin cleared up. I just turned 51 and get mistaken for 30 on a regular basis.”

Just imagine how great it feels when you finally no longer have to struggle with sugar in your life.

You can do this. We can do this together. Your brighter future this year is within your grasp.

When you’re finally at peace with it… 

Feel how good it feels when you’re in a right-sized body and you no longer crave the stuff!

Here’s exactly how we can help you …

If you want to finally make quitting or controlling sugar in your life permanent …

If you want to finally occupy that right-sized body for you… 

Everyone helps out in our little group...

Everyone helps out in our little group...

and if you want to do it all without completely overhauling your life, then this is for you.

Give yourself “The Gift of 30 Days”

This is a gift YOU give to YOU.

A gift that is ONLY for you.

One where you finally prioritize YOUR needs right now over anything.

Where you finally say, in this pivotal decade, of 2020…

That you will succeed. You will have the courage to at least try.

This is NOT for you ...IF:

  • You’re not absolutely ready to quit sugar, at least for a short time to see how you feel, right now.
  • ​You have a victim mentality, blame others or give up at the first sign of adversity.
  • ​You’re not at least open to the idea that your issue with sugar and carbs could be an addiction. Think nicotine here gang, not heroin - but you must be open to the idea that your body might not treat sugar well and stopping would be good for you…
  • ​You’re not an action taker
  • ​You don’t enjoy interacting with others. This is key… accepting support is vital
  • ​You don’t want this bad. We’re here to change the world, we’ve seen the successes (and the failures) and we won’t have time to convince you this is the right thing to do for you and your family…

This IS for you ...IF:

  • You’ve tried again and again to quit sugar but always went back…
  • ​You’ve had successes in other parts of your life, you know you CAN succeed but need a little help on this one.

This IS for you ...IF:

  • You’re tired of spinning your wheels on this one. You’re ready for a proven, step by step game plan backed by unrivaled support to walk you out of this.
  • ​You’re just sick and tired of being sick and tired

This IS for you ...IF:

  • ​You feel you just can’t wait on this health & weight stuff… not even one more day.

Here’s exactly how we’ll do this together.

This Will Work for You Even If…
  • You’ve tried and failed numerous times before (our favorite)
  • ​You have a lot of weight to lose
  • ​You hate exercise
  • ​You’re a little scared (we get that a lot BTW)
Everyone helps out in our little group

If any of the above sounds like you then listen up!

What I really wanted was a comprehensive, step by step solution to this issue, not a short term detox, but how to
succeed in the long term - how to make controlling sugar a long term lifestyle change.

Years ago we needed to be able to point my clients, friends, and family to a program that addressed these long term issues.

The problem was - none existed!

All the 3, 10, 14, 21 and 30-day detoxes and talk of the keto flu did was confuse people.
They pick you up, get you excited and drop you in no man’s land

- hungry, craving sugar and confused a few days or weeks later.

You get a few days or a week sugar-free and end up binging because you didn’t understand what was happening to you emotionally OR physically.

Two or three of the main ingredients of a truly successful detox were missing!

So I had to create the program myself.

I’ve worked with thousands of people to long term success - and isn’t that what you’re after anyway?
The good news is: If you’ve tried one of those “other” - 3, 10, 14, 21, 28 or 30-day detoxes or had the keto flu once or twice and had a little success...

You are 100% “primed” to jump right in here and succeed...

The world’s first proven 30-day online intensive sugar detox and keto flu buster challenge for LONG-Term Success

...with unlimited “office hours” and follow up for the first year.

...So you can Get Sugar-Free

...and STAY -- Sugar-Free!

Here’s the quick story of how so many people have succeeded.

For years, we have been coaching people one on one. We developed a training method, through lots of trial and error, that finally has people understanding exactly what they are dealing with.

We have found that CONSTANT contact with people that succeeded seems to be THE best indicator of future success.

For years we delivered the best cutting edge information to people and only a few would succeed in making the long term lifestyle changes required.

When we went back and interviewed the success stories we found that almost ALL of them had been heavily involved in our online groups.

They had formed these little accountability groups, these peer support groups and had helped each other change…

It all started with the intensive training modules described below first - then moved on to peer group and forum moderator support…

Here’s a description of those 30 intensive DAILY training modules - you will NOT be alone!

So exactly what will we cover in your first 30 days?

Every day - for 30 straight days - you will get a new lesson on video that you can watch.

The system is created to walk you slowly and confidently through the first (and hardest) 30 days - all the while supporting you individually and in our group forum and teaching you how to make this a long term success...

Then you will be “plugged into” our year long++ support system of weekly “office hours” & group meetings with me over Zoom AND the in the private forum daily 24/7/365!

The 30 days are broken down into easy to follow lessons of what exactly to do each day.

Week one is a complete “prep week” we don’t ask you to even quit sugar in the first week. (so relax)

We weight the “taper down” method” and the “cold turkey” method while we prepare your house, your family, your workmates and your psyche for success.

Here’s just a small example of the topics covered in “prep week”

  • How the whole thing works and why it will work for you.
  • ​Why the “taper down” week of week one will improve your chances of success by 77%
  • ​How to do your own allergists “scratch test” and why it’s a game-changer
  • ​What is sugar?(really) And why most people get it wrong.
  • ​Definitions and the 56 names of sugar.
  • ​Tapering vs cold turkey and why knowing which to do for you is so important
  • ​Why adding in delicious food is more important than taking away the bad
  • ​An Amino acid supplement that can help ease the withdrawals and cravings
  • ​How reframing your thinking around sugar can make this easy
  • ​The super-simple formula for your meals
  • ​Your “Big Why” and why it helps
  • ​Why shame, regret, and guilt are useless
  • ​Why a “right-sized body” - happens automatically
  • ​How this works with absolutely no exercise
  • ​How to rewire your brain for quick success
  • ​Why being in nature is the most healing type of walking
  • ​Writing your 1st “Sugar break up letter” (Awesome)
  • How our short, guided meditations help you see your success in vivid color.
  • How quitting sugar changes your genetics and how to make it for the good and not the bad!
  • Healthy whole food as medicine
  • ​How people are getting off medications of ALL types
  • ​“It’s not what you eat - it’s what you eliminate”
  • How to craft your own “personal food philosophy”
  • ​Sugar Detox the easy way
  • ​An Amino acid supplement that can help ease the withdrawals and cravings
  • ​How reframing your thinking around sugar can make this easy
  • ​The super-simple formula for your meals
  • ​Your “Big Why” and why it helps
  • ​Why shame, regret, and guilt are useless
  • ​Why a “right-sized body” - happens automatically
  • ​How this works with absolutely no exercise
  • ​How to rewire your brain for quick success
  • ​Why being in nature is the most healing type of walking
  • ​Writing your 1st “Sugar break up letter” (Awesome)
And that’s ^^^ just prep week! 

When we do start the actual detox you will be absolutely ready for success!

Then, we start the actual sugar detox - prepared.

From almost a decade of experience, you are guided through the first three weeks with no sugar.

Some folks do not even have any withdrawals!

We prepare you so well in the first week that this time - the detox goes super smoothly.

Here are just a few takeaways from days 8 through 30…

  • There is more than one way to the top of the mountain
  • ​How your new friends online can change your life
  • ​How “intuitive eating” could kill you
  • ​What symptoms to look for and not take to seriously
  • ​How the “rough days” 2 through 5 derail folks ...and what to do to make them easy
  • ​How to avoid headaches and crippling hunger during detox
  • ​Pain relievers? Yes or No? The answer will surprise you
  • ​The exact day the sun starts shining again
  • ​Breaking this entire detox to only one easy job!
  • ​Why whole food is your friend
  • ​How to eat your meals for maximum success
  • ​How to stop “eating stress”
  • ​Stop your digestion from shutting down - How to stop that
  • ​Getting into bed happy may be your personal secret weapon
  • ​Super easy food prep with systems and short cuts
  • ​Avoiding those weird flu symptoms
  • ​Decoding “False hunger” and what to do about it
  • ​Solving your Candida issue
  • ​Find out: “What are you really hunger for?”
  • ​How light exercise for mental and emotional health is SO different from exercise for “burning calories BS.”
  • ​Taming cravings the safe and steady way
  • ​Avoiding have some type of sugar sneaking into your diet and blowing your progress
  • Why this simple phrase (said to yourself) “Sweetheart: What do you need” Sound strange but works like magic
  • Supplements for cravings and brain chemistry - some suggestions
  • Seeing how journals, patterns, and emotions can change your life - quickly!
  • ​How to defeat the “food pushers” and make eating out a pleasure again.
  • ​How to get your family and even perfect strangers on board with your plan…
  • The “I can’t have sugar” trick for restaurants (this one makes waiters your friend for life)
  • ​Why food tastes different (better)
  • ​How to avoid eating sugar by accident
  • ​Mastering eating out safely
  • ​Why is works even for folks with big sugar habits
  • ​Avoiding diarrhea or constipation
  • ​Eliminating your night sweats with ease
  • ​When the game switches from physical to mental and emotional and how you master it.
  • How to make this a permanent lifestyle with minimal upset to your current life...
  • ​How to not get overconfident
  • ​Avoiding the - “I deserve just one” success killer
  • ​You can finally trust your own body, brain, and emotions
  • ​How NOT weighing yourself leads to success...
  • ​Learning the timing of your meals for maximum efficiency
  • ​Relearning what feeling full means
  • ​Reordering your sleep patterns for success Find out if the caffeine in this process helps or hurts
And those are only a small part of what we’ll cover over 30 days.

Every morning, for 30 straight days, your inbox will contain a brand new video to guide you. (not the ones mentioned below, those are extra)

It will be timed with exactly what is happening in your body! (This ain’t our first rodeo)

Within a day or two, most everyone’s detox symptoms are about the same.

A. Tell you what to expect.
B. Show you how to handle it in the easiest and least painful or scary way!

It is so comprehensive that you won’t need to do anything but show up…

But if you’re not yet convinced we are also including a few “extra bonuses” just to make sure you succeed.

The following group of included videos was previously only available to my $2,500 personal one on one clients…

But we recorded all the sessions (each is over an hour and a half long) and if you join our 30-day challenge we will be sending ALL to you right now.

(So you can get started early)

Session 1

The Food
So many people want to know exactly what they can eat. They’ve all tried a “low carb” or sugar-free lifestyle before and felt hugely restricted. So in session one, we cover the food.
You will not feel restricted. I promise.

Session 2

Your mind and emotions in the process
We cover the Emotional Interruption Technique (EIT) ™ And all of the emotional management techniques you’ll need to succeed.

Session 3

Working with and gently “coaching” yourself, your family, friends, and coworkers to support you.
After working with hundreds of clients, we’ve developed some very effective language to do just this that seems to meet with a positive response 90% of the time… This “coming out” to your friends, family, and workmates is huge! You need to handle it right.

Session 4

Personal Emotional Management Practice.
This seemingly simple little concept trips up SO many people. We make it simple and automatic in your life. We have over 200 ways to self soothe that you can build right into your life.

All of the video instructions above are over an hour and a half long and were taken directly from our $2,500 personal one-on-one coaching archives… but you won’t pay anything near that, hardly a fraction.

“A Step by Step Plan delivered via video, audio, email, and print + Peer Support = Success”

There are now hundreds of peer-reviewed university studies that say the online support groups are successfully helping people change behaviors from severe drug addiction to weight loss and health outcomes.
Welcome to the future! (36, 37, 38)

One key ingredient that most all “detox programs” and Keto educators leave out IS the long term, ongoing support.

Take a look at the results, from a few more people - just like you, who have joined us on the last "30 Day Challenge

You can get started right away Like right now!

We’ll be sending you all the information and logins you’ll need

We want you to get started right now while your motivation is high.

In addition to the “core” modules of our success AND the full 30-day challenge listed above you also get the following:

A complete 100+ page guidebook, complete with food plans and recipes.

Every step of the journey is mapped out in deep, deep detail.

Topics covered in detail include:

  • Sugar detox the easy way. We make it a game.
  • Are withdrawals and the keto flu real? (hint *YES) And how to deal with them.
  • After the detox – the simple way to keep the weight off.
  • ​Exactly what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat.
AND if you’re not a big reader you get over 30 MORE videosin addition to the “Core” videos listed above – almost three more hours of instruction – that follow the study guide so you can just watch, instead of reading, or download and listen on your phone!

Every chapter has a corresponding video to explain and walk you through!

Online Support Group

We want this to be accessible to you no matter how much time you have.

This SECRET, totally private forum group is free when you sign up today! The people in that group are kind, supportive and ready to help – because – they’ve been where you are now.

It’s part of the REAL secret sauce!

Health professionals, nutritionists, 11 internationally know sugar educators, an Olympic athlete, working moms, busy executives, therapists, attorneys and people from all walks of life all coming together to make sure you are successful.

This technology is incredible no matter who you are.

Over 4,100 people are currently supporting each other, learning from one another and generally just loving each other to sugar freedom.

No one in your inner circle will even know you are participating.

You can be as active as you like or just listen for a time as real, live mentors guide you on your journey and answer all of your questions.

Even if you’re in the middle of a binge at 2 in the morning, right now, just log on and get some support!
You read that right.

This benefit helps even the most introverted folks.

WAIT! There’s more bonuses!

For years, we have run these LIVE online coaching calls.

For four weeks I would instruct everyone on the nuts and bolts, the details, they needed to enact in their lives to get off sugar. It was an excellent daily meeting. (The best of those recordings are described above and part of your info)

BUT, through survey after survey, we found that the REAL benefit of those online classes was the group support AFTER the meeting…

So we started to record the meeting so we could reach more folks like you!


We decided to KEEP the support groups and the peer recovery groups as part of the process!

Easily worth $997.00 dollars a year.

NEW: We’ve now also added one full year of access to ME personally in a live, weekly Q&A group at NO additional charge

This “follow-up” session makes sure you don’t slide back as most folks do! It keeps you on track!

We also have LIVE online meetings via video (you don’t have to show your face if you don’t want to) weeknights now and soon around the clock!

In survey after survey of our success stories, the people who actually made quitting sugar a lifestyle change, — it was the 24/7/365 access that folks said made the difference!

And if, like me, you’re an introvert… (I’m in the 99th percentile of extreme introverts – really) this is a perfect fit for even you. You see we’ve made the forum “Introvert Friendly”. No requirements for “networking.” LOL

We have slowly reduced the price of this 30-day challenge – so that anyone who really wants it can afford it.

Our success with folks just like you really ramped up when I hired a manager to run all this Internet stuff so I could just focus on you and our support groups!

Did you know that years ago Craig, of the famous Craigslist hired a CEO years ago and to this day he still works as a customer service rep at his own company!

Despite being a billionaire?

That’s me, (not the billionaire part) I’m a sugar coach and I love that part of my job so other folks do all this Internet stuff so I can be on the meetings and in the forums all day!

Along with our other peer support coaches, we are available to you 24/7. You can chat with us, message us, text us and

…some of you will even have my, or a coach’s, cell phone numbers so you can call when you need to!

And this is FOREVER!

You. Are. In. FOREVER.

This is a bonus that we will have to end soon!

No matter how long this takes you – you will still have access to all the forums, chat, message and online meetings! And of course copies of all your lessons to go back and review.

We are adding meetings every week – meetings with TONS of existing clients and trained peer recovery coaches who are up to two years free of sugar!
Dr. Robert Lustig
Professor Emeritus
The University of California,
San Francisco
Belinda Fettke
The Driving Force Behind the
Current Dietary Guidelines…
It’s NOT what you think!
Dr. Gary Fettke
Orthopedic Surgeon
Low Carb Crusader
Fought the establishment
and won!
Bitten Jonsson, RN
One of the leading sugar educators in the world
Professor Tim Noakes MD., Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
University of Capetown
Thomas DeLauer
Nutrition and Business Performance Coach

…And over 30 other world-class scientists, Mds, PhDs, researchers coaches, and sugar experts will all be here to listen to at your leisure as you craft your new life of sugar freedom.

Still not convinced? How about this one: 

We’re going to give you a full one-hour consultation with one of our specially trained peer recovery coaches to set YOUR gameplan and to make sure you know how to use all our systems!

Easily worth another $200.00!

The unlimited ability to ask questions of our moderators and coaches will start immediately so you can get ALL your questions answered immediately!

I know by now you’re wondering how much of an investment all this will be for you to achieve your goals.

Heck, I always throw in the idea that…

You’ll save enough on junk and binge food alone to pay for it all.

But seriously, just think of how much you’ve already spent on both fad diets and junk food over the years.

We want to allow as many people as possible to have access to not only this information but more importantly – the newest tribe we are forming and the peer recovery support.

We’ve set the price low enough to do just that.

We also want everyone to have a choice on how they participate. We understand that some folks just aren’t “joiners” – online or anywhere.

Imagine in just thirty (30) days…

You’ve dropped more weight than any diet you’ve ever been on, lost inches from your waist and you’re sleeping better to boot. Not to mention the lifting of the brain fog and the clearer skin

You actually feel comfortable saying no to sweets and people accept your new stance with ease.

Have you thought about different types of medical interventions?

Gastric sleeve? Bariatric surgery? Inpatient treatment?

Many are not covered 100% by insurance and could run as high as $30,000 for one month of treatment or one procedure.

The 30-Day Challenge – Online Detox and Learning Intensive with Unlimited Online Follow-up and peer recovery coaching

Four one and a half-hour “core” lessons on quitting sugar the right way….......................................................................................................$2,500

An online forum with 3,800+ sugar-free warriors meeting daily 24/7/365 (grandfathered in forever)…............................................................$997.00

Weeknight video support meeting (grandfathered in forever)…...........................................................................................................................$997.00

30-day challenge videos and 100-page guide guidebook.…..................................................................................................................................$197.00

Select videos of over 75 of the best educators from the Sugar Summit(s).…......................................................................................................$97.00

TOTAL REAL WORLD VALUE.......................................................................…..........................................................................................................$4,788.00

But if you act today all of this is yours for just…

Just $97.00 dollars*


Sugar Freedom Challenge

Start the new year with a science-based, proven life-hack that KILLS sugar cravings, rewires your brain for long-term fat burning, and melts pounds away…
Make sure you act now! **We do reserve the right to raise the price to ensure quality trained peer coaches and forum moderators to new student ratios. We occasionally have to limit enrollment so as to make sure everyone gets the attention they need.**
We are training coaches as fast as we can but occasionally we have to slow down to catch up.
PS: This may also be an opportunity for you to one day soon. You see EVERY ONE of our trained peer recovery coaches and moderators first went through our program to quit or reduce sugar and today make a living helping others to do the same!
If you ever thought of someone who loves to help others you may soon consider joining us!

This is a system that is working today for thousands of people. Once you meet them you’ll know that you too can put sugar use and abuse behind you and built a new lifestyle where YOU are in control of sugar in your life

If by chance this doesn’t happen for you we want you to feel perfectly comfortable in asking for 100% of your purchase price to be refunded with absolutely no questions asked!
Let me take all the risk.

Our Ironclad 100% Refund Policy:

If at any time in the next 30 days you feel like this way of quitting or controlling sugar in your life is not working for you just ask for a complete refund…No questions asked. We will refund your entire purchase price cheerfully.
The only thing I ask is that we at least speak.
Meaning we have at least have a conversation with a peer recovery coach, personally trained by me, or myself so you can really get a feel for how we can help you. If after that you feel it’s not for you, I’ll understand completely.
You’ve watched this entire training … 
I’m sure you really want to quit sugar… 
And you know you’re simply not getting the results you want on your own …  Please don’t be shy now.

Let’s do this thing!


Sugar Freedom Challenge

Start the new year with a science-based, proven life-hack that KILLS sugar cravings, rewires your brain for long-term fat burning, and melts pounds away…
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Sugar Freedom Challenge

If you know you’re ready to put sugar behind you for good then check out our successful challenge and all the folks that have succeeded in removing sugar from their life right here…
A community of like minded people all helping each other with one goal: to quit using sugar to our detriment.